3D Printing Industry can’t be at every 3D printing related event, although we do try!

During the past week our full-time reporters have visited the 2017 TCT Show, Codex and New Scientist Live. Even when we can’t make it in person, we’re still keen to bring first-person perspectives from important events in the 3D printing world, so we asked our network for their take on the recent New York City Maker Faire.

Luis Rodriguez Alcalde of at NYC Maker Faire 2017.Luis Rodriguez Alcalde of at NYC Maker Faire 2017.

3D food printing with 3DigitalCooks

Luis Rodriguez Alcalde of writes, “Overall it was amazing. I spent the first day sitting on my table talking to a lot of people. It was funny because I only got to know what was going on based on I could ask to those we swing by.”

“I was located in the “food” zone. A couple of cool projects I found there were Mugsy and a chocolate printer. The first used 3D printed parts to prototype for an automated coffee maker: grinding coffee, pouring, … and tracking all data. The chocolate printer was a fun project by Evan Weinstein, lots of engineering work to solve the chocolate needs. Heated nozzle and syringe, cooling system and a very well made set up.” 

More about Evan Weinstein’s chocolate 3D printer can be found on his website.

Luis also told us that Future Food had a booth at the NY Maker Faire and was showcasing a PancakeBot, “their goal is to get more makers involved in bridging technology and food. It’s funny to realize how far the PancakeBot has reached, or at least Miguel [Valenzuela]. A lot of people remember him from previous years, him or at least his pancakes!”

Luis Rodriguez Alcalde of at NYC Maker Faire 2017.Luis Rodriguez Alcalde of at NYC Maker Faire 2017.

Alessia Vicinanza of exhibitors FABtotum also gave some insights into the NYC Maker Faire 2017 writing, “We had two FABtotum Core PRO machines. One of them was 3D Printing and the other one was Laser Engraving so that people could understand that it is an Hybrid / All-In-One machine.”

“A FABtotum can Cut/Carve/Mill as well but we did not have enough space for more units. Still, we had all the available Heads: every function is built in inside the Head. The aim is to swap between them in a matter of seconds.”

FABtotum at NYC Maker Faire 2017. Photo via FABtotum.FABtotum at NYC Maker Faire 2017. Photo via FABtotum.

Both Alessia from FABtotum and Luis from 3DigitalCooks took the view that the new Prusa MK3 3D printer was one of the most outstanding 3D printing related features of the 2017 NYC Maker Faire.

3D printing from Dremel

Dremel returned to the World Maker Faire this year with two new digital fabrication products.

The Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter was announced and is intended to be one of the safest and reliable laser cutters in the market place. Additionally the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D Printer was announced and has advanced printing capabilities including multi-materials, camera integration, and other innovative features centered around ease of use and reliability.

Dremel had two exhibits onsite at World Maker Faire: one dedicated to its rotary tools and one to its growing line of digital fabrication products. The brand offered make-and-take projects, an onsite sweepstakes and a Keshot photo booth. Attendees could also stop by the booths to meet Dremel Mission Makers Amy and Bill of American Heirloom and to see live demos of the Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter and Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D Printer.

A Dremel spokesperson writes, “Maker Faire NYC is always one of the Dremel brand’s favorite events to attend. As the world’s greatest gatherings of Makers, Dremel was proud to share its products and innovations to spark inspiration for Makers of all levels and ages in attendance and beyond.”

Makers at Maker Faire

Of course without the Makers, there would be no Maker Faire. Steve Abrams is a Maker who uploads his designs under the username Artobot on MyMiniFactory. Steve told us about some of his highlights from the NYC Maker Faire.

“It was an awesome crowd. I personally never went to a maker faire of this scale before and NYSCI was an epic host, nothing like hanging out with fellow makers in the shade of a rocket park.”

Steve continues explaining that there were, “so many 3D printing enthusiasts around, not to mention some well known You Tubers like the 3D Printing Nerd, Makers Muse, and I even ran into Preston from PressReset all of which are super friendly.

Every conversation I had, even though I just met them, was like having a talk with an old friend, it was like we were all on the same wavelength, seriously refreshing and even though I was up at 2AM to catch my flight, it kept me full of enthusiasm throughout the day.”

3D Printing Nerd, Press Reset, Makers Muse and SeeMeCNC at NYC Maker Faire 2017. Photos by Steve Abrams.3D Printing Nerd, Press Reset, Makers Muse and SeeMeCNC at NYC Maker Faire 2017. Photos by Steve Abrams.

Among the other people Steve met were Photogrammetry Today. “They were awesome and scanning items on site. Their primary purpose is to scan artifacts that can’t be transported or held and release them into the public for free using photogrammetry. I feel like it’s a lot like the MMF Scan the world project, but with a focus on scientific purposes. Their goal is to make it approachable by anyone and to share and collaborate on best practices and setups for photogrammetry.”

Photogrammetry Today at NYC Maker Faire 2017. Photo by Steve Abrams.Photogrammetry Today at NYC Maker Faire 2017. Photo by Steve Abrams.

Steve also met with Gabe Greenwood from who “creates awesome 3d printed speakers, he gave me the 101 on resonance chambers and the different materials that he found works best over the several years that he has been perfecting his design.”

Other notable exhibitors included, FilamentOne and their “epic multi-material filaments”. Steve writes, “They’re a really good group of guys from the Czech Republic I don’t think they got enough attention as they were not near the high traffic areas nestled toward the end of the 3D printing village. Like a lot of filament companies they are creating some quality looking stuff and are trying out some interesting combos and seemed open to suggestions.”

“SeeMeCNC of course had their giant 3d printer setup printing some epic stuff,” writes Steve. You can see more photos from Maker Faire here and also on Steve’s twitter account.

3D Printing Industry are also waiting to hear more from SeeMeCNC who apparently will be making an announcement soon about a new product currently undergoing testing.

Other than 3D printing Maker Faire has much more to offer visitors.

Luis writes, “I was happy to see a lot of cnc equipment laser cutters, routers, waterjet … and the the giant seemecnc machine”

Luzlbot at Maker Faire NYC. Photo by Luis Rodriguez Alcalde of at Maker Faire NYC. Photo by Luis Rodriguez Alcalde of

For Alessia Vicinanza of FABtotum the most remarkable part of the event was the people. “We were amazed by the huge number of visitors. Interesting people we could compare ourselves with.”

“Makers above all, smart people that had a very clear idea of what they were looking at while going around.

It’s always great to see how people from the U.S. use these events to get their hands on pieces of new technologies but also have a wider mindset.”

More Maker Faire events coming soon

In Europe, the 5th edition of European Edition takes place from December 1st to 3rd. Maker Faire Rome is independently organized and operated under license of the U.S. based Maker Media Inc and with over 110,000 visitors in 2016 is the largest of the Maker events after the San Francisco and New York editions.

In advance of the December event Maker Faire Rome  in conjunction with the European Commission and Startup Europe, a week long celebration of Makers will run from the 23rd to 29th of October. The European Maker week has two distinct aims:

  1. To create awareness about the importance of the maker culture to foster an education of creativity and innovation in all schools across Europe;
  2. To build bridges between local authorities and media and the main players of their own local makers ecosystems.

Visit the European Maker Week website if you want to attend, or organize, an event.

European Maker Week has events across Europe - but not in the UK (yet). Image via European Maker Week.European Maker Week has events across Europe – but not in the UK (yet). Image via European Maker Week.

The current events map appears to be missing participation from the UK. Those wishing to attend a Maker Faire event in that country will need to wait until 2018 when the Life Science Centre in Newcastle will host Maker Faire UK on Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 April 2018.

If you are hosting an event then you can now add it directly to our events guide here. Also, if you are attending a 3D printing event – then get in contact. We want to hear your perspective.

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Featured image shows the 3D printing maker panel at NYC Maker Faire 2017. Photo by Steve Abrams.